Atlas is your one-stop solution for seamless immigration and global visa support.

As a trusted direct Employer of Record (EOR) provider, Atlas simplifies the complex world of global mobility.

Our comprehensive immigration and relocation services handles the end-to-end mobility process for your talent and their dependents, allowing you to focus on driving your organization's global growth.

Our expert team is on hand to deliver the following services to ensure that your organization stays ahead of the ever-changing talent landscape:

  • Immigration

    Every country has unique immigration laws and requirements. Atlas ensures that your employees have the appropriate work authorization, visas, and other documentation to start working wherever you choose.

  • Mobility Support

    Atlas Mobility Support includes finding housing, office space, car leasing, relocation assistance, settling in services, and moving household goods.

  • Compensation Benchmarking and Taxes

    Atlas can facilitate clients with compensation benchmarking and tax preparation services, including tax compliance and consulting, to help manage the complexities of a global workforce.


We are global immigration experts. We manage the immigration process for your global talent so you and your talent can have complete peace-of-mind, including:

  • Personalized Pre-Assessment

    We conduct a thorough preassessment to determine the best and fastest work permit category for your talent, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Accompanied Consular Support

    Our team is always there to accompany you and your employees to government and other appointments, providing peace of mind during the visa application process.

  • Facilitation of Quota Requirements

    We stay up to date on local immigration laws and regulations and provide or facilitate quota where required.

Mobility Support

Moving people from country to country goes beyond getting them on the ground. Atlas can help to organize some of the most crucial considerations for mobile teams, including:

  • Office Leasing

    By partnering with Atlas, you can access a network of office space providers in different countries, helping you to set up operations quickly and efficiently.

  • Car Leasing

    Access a network of car leasing providers in different countries and help your employees to commute safely and efficiently.

  • Moving and Settling In

    Access a global network of relocation service providers assisting with movement of household goods, home finding, and settling services.

Compensation Benchmarking and Taxes

Our international tax expertise and employee insights can help you to attract and retain top talent.

  • International Comp Benchmarking

    Atlas can provide comprehensive compensation data and analysis, giving you competitive and compliant compensation packages for your employees in different countries.

  • Tax

    Atlas can facilitate home and host tax return preparation as well as tax equalization for clients operating in foreign countries, ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations while keeping their assignee whole.


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