The Flexible Workforce Management Solution To Navigate The New World of Work.

The Flexible Workforce Management Solution To Navigate The New World of Work.

You find the talent, we provide the platform that enables you to hire, onboard, manage compliance & pay global talent in over 160 countries.

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Hire and pay top talent without borders.

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Atlas provides the support upon which global talent infrastructure rests. If you want to grow your team worldwide, we provide the flexibility to expand without the need of a local entity.

Our platform and solutions are set up so that we assume the responsibility of the legal employer to help manage the countless challenges of employing international teams.

Once you find the talent, we manage the employee lifecycle, from onboarding your team to processing payroll. We cut through the red tape of global compliance, so that you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

One platform. One experience. One partner. No third parties clouding the process. Just Atlas supporting your global ambitions.

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The Global Employer of Record Report: 2024

Download the Global Employer of Record Report: 2024 and find out how HR leaders are leveraging Employer of Record service providers to enhance employee experience.

Benefits of Partnering With atlas logo

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    Global presence

    Our established legal entities span over 160 countries, enabling us to support your global talent strategy wherever it takes you.

  • Global experience, local knowledge

    We’re on the ground, adopting the latest innovations and generating new insights, to improve the employee experience and help you manage your global teams.

  • Flexibility

    Our platform provides you the ability to choose where you want to hire and how you want to manage your global teams, hassle-free.

  • Speed to market

    From contract to onboard, we can get you into market within a matter of days versus the time it takes you to set up entities in any given country.

  • Benefits that show save up to 87.5%.

    Low-cost global expansion

    Start using Atlas and you’ll save up to 87.5% on the rollout of your global HR strategy.

  • Technology backed by experience

    Our technology is built on years of experience doing business in each country, delivering exceptional employee experiences for your remote workforce.

The Most Streamlined EOR Solution


Atlas has on-the-ground entities in over 160 countries, and never works with third parties. One EOR partner who manages everything in one platform gives you flexibility and access to the data you need to grow your business. It’s the most streamlined, compliant way to expand globally.

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Diagram to explain Indirect EOR using Employer, Third parties Indirect EOR and Employee.

The indirect model works with third parties from country to country to provide local entities and payroll services. This middle-man approach to global talent means more touch points, more time spent in management, and higher cost.

Mobile App Solutions

For today's workforce on the go, we provide secure and convenient tools at your finger tips for simple, anytime access across your phone or tablet devices.

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