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Published: 25 Apr 2024

Atlas, the pioneer of the direct model for Employer of Record (EOR) services, has today released its Global Salary Calculator — an online tool to help HR decision-makers gain insights into global salary benchmarks for hundreds of roles. 

This tool is freely available from Atlas’ website, empowering innovative companies to make better decisions while making hiring offers abroad. In a world where great talent is scarce and competition for the most skilled workers is fierce, having the data you need to make the right offer to a candidate can be the difference between securing the best talent or not.  

Hiring the best talent abroad is always a complex strategic endeavour for any business. There is a lot of complexity while trying to set the appropriate compensation and benefits and, at Atlas, we know how hard that can be. With the Global Salary Calculator, Atlas is simplifying the process for HR managers, making it easier and more transparent for them to create the perfect salary package, no matter where the role is located — Seamus Moore, Chief Marketing Officer at Atlas. 

With the Global Salary Calculator, HR professionals are better equipped for researching roles across the globe and making the right offer for the right candidate. By choosing the target country, currency and role, the tool shows:  

  • The lowest, median and highest salaries in your preferred currency. 

  • The general job category the role falls into. 

  • The salary rank within the category. 

  • The currency exchange rate used. 

The calculator also provides contextual information on the target country, such as language, total population, total work hours per week and minimum wage.  

With up to 2,500 roles covered across 13 countries and 25 currencies, this is the most complete Global Salary Calculator ever released, enabling HR professionals to make better informed decisions.  

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