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A model for equality: how a European NGO sets the standard with Atlas

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Published: 14 Feb 2024

Industry: International NGO 

Offices: Europe  

Global Employees: +30 

Key customer benefits  

  • Swift visa applications 

  • Global talent pool 

  • International compliance 

  • Equitable employee compensation 


The client is a non-profit organisation located in Europe with operations in North America, Asia, and other parts of the world. They run exclusively on private funding, managing projects for the development of other non-profits overseas. These range from administrative tasks, security, and IT to fundraising, strategy, and other topics important for the creation and sustenance of these organisations.  


As an international non-profit, the client had three challenges that were becoming obstacles to its operations. Obtaining visas for entering and working temporarily in the US was the first one. Second, reduce labour operations risk by avoiding contractor misclassifications. Finally, bring all the teams to an equal basis in terms of pay and benefits, across all countries, was the third challenge. 

After extensive research of several Employer of Record (EOR) offerings, the client heard experiences from other NGOs and sister foundations. Their recommendations were instrumental into selecting Atlas and its direct model as the best EOR partner for their needs.

Working with Atlas  

Having Atlas as an EOR partner made immigration paperwork and visas much easier, and the client was never declined an application since. Additionally, the client didn’t need to worry about where a candidate resides to hire the best experts for their needs. Their pool of talent has become global, being able to tap people in Europe, Asia or North America.  

On the employee side, the whole team is under equal terms. Same conditions in contracts, pay and benefits are held across the organisation. They are in a stronger position to be a great employer that provides transparency, eliminating labour compliance risk and setting themselves as an example.  

“There is a person in the team that wants to move to Argentina, and we don’t have to worry. Zero issues. That is freedom.” 

HR director 
European NGO 


 As an NGO that helps other non-profit organisations start operations and scale, the client needed to set themselves as a strong organisation. In their position of power, they must demonstrate what a good employer is. Prior to Atlas, hiring contractors was the fastest option to kickstart projects quickly and deliver immediate results on the private grants and donations received, but this created inequalities among the organisation and compliance risks.  

With Atlas however, the client was able to convert contractors into employees effortlessly, protecting the employee and benefiting from swift deployment of new staff anywhere in the world. The client has become a model on how non-profits should operate across the world.  

“Being able to recruit in a new geography without effort. I don’t feel any kind of worry whether I can hire someone in a given country. Having Atlas as a partner was the proper next step for us since we are a 100% work from home organisation”. 

HR director 
European NGO