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Capax Discovery - Supporting IT Company’s Expansion Into Asia

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Published: 04 Feb 2022

Industry: IT & Software 

Offices: Global Office in Morristown, New Jersey, EMEA Headquarters in London, United Kingdom 

Global Employees: 42  

Key customer benefits: 

  • Quick turnaround 

  • Seamless onboarding 

  • Cost effective service 

  • Excellent customer service  


Capax Discovery is the industry leader in providing archiving, information management, discovery, and compliance solutions for litigation and regulatory requirements. The company—which was founded 15 years ago—offers products, services, and technical support, as well as expertise in migration, consulting, and managed services. Having partnered with HP and Microsoft for over a decade to create marquee archiving solutions, Capax Discovery offers compatibility with the most popular technologies. 

Capax Discovery employed Atlas in the fall of 2016 when the company hired its first employee in Japan. 


When Capax Discovery decided to hire its first employee based in Japan, the company determined it would be too costly, and the time needed to establish its own entity in a foreign market would be less than ideal. After a referral from a third-party and a conversation with Atlas, the Capax Discovery team decided that utilizing an EOR would help them quickly and efficiently avoid compliance risks, while serving as a more cost-effective alternative to opening a new entity in Japan. Hoping to complete this process in a mere four days, the company met with the Atlas’ implementation team to facilitate Capax Discovery’s new hire on a tight schedule.  

Choosing Atlas 

While there were other key factors Capax Discovery addressed in making their decision, the top priority was the tight turnaround of hiring their first Japan-based employee. The ancillary benefits Atlas was able to provide—top-notch customer service, cost savings and the peace of mind knowing they would be in compliance with local employment laws—completed their checklist to move forward with a partnership with Atlas.  


From the outset, speed, implementation and efficiency were of paramount importance to the Capax Discovery team, and Atlas was able to deliver. Acting on Capax Discovery’s behalf, Atlas enacted an accounting and payroll platform that allowed for a seamless and trouble-free hiring in far less time than would have been possible. By eliminating the need to establish its own entity, Atlas was able to remove the onus of liability from Capax Discovery, allowing them to focus on broadening their business overseas. 


Today, the Capax Discovery team lauds the above-and-beyond approach of Atlas’ customer service and implementation teams and may look to build upon their partnership when future expansions into other markets arise.  

In the eyes of Capax Discovery, Atlas provided a simplified and cost-effective option in lieu of the complexities of creating their own overseas entity, and provided a wealth of knowledge in the areas of overseas compliance that they would otherwise have been unable to navigate.