The Importance of impact ESG Communities

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Published: 03 Nov 2023

Communities should be central to your environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy due to the benefits they can offer employees. These groups, led by staff, celebrate people’s mutual interests, unique life experiences, shared interests and much more. Some of the benefits provided by communities to the employee experience include: 

  • Connecting colleagues from different locations and functions together 

  • Providing a sense of inclusion and belonging     

  • Promoting cultural awareness and acceptance 

  • Coaching and mentorship Opportunities 

  • Giving the chance to gain visibility in your organization 

Here at Atlas, impact communities are a fundamental part of our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). We encourage staff to create communities that match their identities and provide a sense of belonging. 

We launched our communities in January 2023 and have since really benefitted from them. Our employees have formed four communities so far, and we hope to see many more set up in the coming years.   

Atlas supports our impact communities by: 

  • Providing guidelines and processes for joining them/ setting up new ones

  • Sponsoring them to achieve their goals and impact Atlas 

  • Having an intranet site dedicated to fostering communication and collaboration 


Learn more about how these impact communities are contributing to a positive employee culture at Atlas: 

To learn more about impact communities and our wider ESG strategy, download the full report below.