Social Responsiveness

The commitment to empowering global talent begins with us. Atlas’ social impact initiatives provide value to the lives of both our employees and our customers, creating a lasting and meaningful difference around the world.

What is Atlas doing to improve lives?

Atlas promotes diversity and inclusion, employee wellness, and charitable giving to create a culture that allows employees to be their very best and give back to society.


Atlas sets standards with our policies and supports best practices that promote workforce diversity and a sense of belonging for each of our employees.

Employee Wellness

Atlas provides programs and benefits to promote employee well-being and work-life balance.

Atlas Communities

Atlas advocates for employees with shared identities, special interests, or life experiences to connect, collaborate, and drive company values.

Charitable Giving

Atlas provides employees opportunities to give back to our communities and society, volunteer with organizations of personal interest and commitment, and help those in need.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

At Atlas, we see diversity as a competitive advantage.

Our workforce represents over 50 different nationalities and more than 90 languages, while 47% of our team members are women.

Working closely with our executive leadership and our People & Culture teams, Atlas has created programs to attract, retain, develop, and recognize our employees and to promote an inclusive environment. This human-centric approach helps us celebrate diverse perspectives and stay focused on trust and accountability.

Employee Wellness

Our employees are the key to our success, so ensuring that they feel safe, supported, and valued is a top priority at Atlas.

We offer a robust suite of benefits, including excellent health insurance, unlimited PTO, birthdays off, wellness days, and specialized leave options. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available for all employees around the world.

Atlas Communities

Atlas Communities are an extension of our commitment to DEIB. These groups are created and led by our employees to celebrate shared identities, special interests, and life experiences.

Our goal is to connect people across Atlas and help community members achieve professional success through education, mentorship, and mutual support – sharing stories, feedback, ideas, and best practices across levels, departments, and regions.

Women, LGBTQ employees, parents, environmental advocates, and wellness represent just a few of our Atlas Communities initiatives.

Our Charity Partnerships and Employee Volunteer Program

Atlas promotes diversity and inclusion, employee wellness, and charitable giving to create a culture that allows employees to be their very best and give back to society.

Learn more about our Environmental Sustainability impact and Corporate Governance & Compliance impact.

"Giving back has always been the most important thing to me, and why I started this company: to help people."

Rick Hammell, Atlas Founder and Chairman.

Individual Employee Volunteer Program

Employees can take paid time off from work to volunteer on an individual basis for charities that are important to them.

Regional Volunteer Program

Employee groups can come together as a team to create volunteer projects and give back to their local communities; Atlas also provides sponsorships and donations to regional programs.

Global Volunteer Partnerships

Atlas has joined forces with several non-profit organizations with shared values to meet common goals and make a difference globally.