Corporate Governance & Compliance

Atlas strongly believes in the positive impact of maintaining ethical and responsible business operations. We continually uphold the highest corporate governance standards, policies, and best practices to prevent corruption, maintain transparency and accountability, and build trust with our customers and employees.

What is Atlas doing to remain ethical, transparent, and accountable?

Atlas ensures that we operate ethically and responsibly through Corporate Governance while preserving our customers' and employees’ trust.

Holding up our standard of ethical business practices and compliance with local laws is a company-wide effort. Our Risk and Compliance team provides policies and training to ensure that our organization is routinely monitoring and ensuring compliance in line with global standards.

The Atlas Code of Conduct governs our behavior and personal commitment to operating ethically as a global business partner and employer. The purpose of this Code is to set out the corporate culture that Atlas seeks to uphold through our employees, our contractors, our executive officers, our directors, and our local directors in Atlas and at all our wholly- or majority-owned and controlled subsidiaries.

  • Enterprise Risk Management

    Atlas evaluates opportunities and threats that may impact the corporate strategy, capital, and earnings through our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team.

  • Privacy and Data Collection

    Protecting data throughout the employee lifecycle is a business imperative at Atlas. This includes a mature privacy program, data retention policies and practices, as well as clear processor and controller responsibilities across our ecosystem of providers and customers.

  • Information Security

    Atlas’s information security program is built on well-known global cybersecurity frameworks. We partner with our customers and their employees to ensure that our systems and information security processes meet and exceed compliance requirements globally.

Enterprise Risk Management

Atlas is committed to consistent assessment, remediation, and monitoring of risk using a framework that is supported by the global industry standards of COSO and our company strategy.

The Atlas risk framework establishes an overall process to measure risk and a system of monitoring, learning, and improving performance.

The Risk Steering Committee, comprised of Atlas executives with domain expertise, evaluates our overall risk profile. Our company risk profile is also governed by our Board of Directors Compliance Committee.

Privacy and Data Collection

Privacy is the number one concern for many Atlas stakeholders, including customers, employees, and our partners.

Atlas uses General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the baseline standard for all data protection requirements. It is applied to the maximum extent across our more than 160 entities worldwide, except in instances where local regulations contradict it or where there are more stringent legal requirements. We always align to the stronger standard.

All individuals that share their personal data with us are provided with a privacy notice about how Atlas uses their data, the rights that data subjects have to their data, and how to exercise those rights.

Under the guidance of our Legal, Risk, and IT teams, Atlas adheres to strict, robust policies and procedures that ensure customer data privacy and security.

Information Security

Led by our Chief Information Security Officer, we employ top-of-the-line data security systems management for all client and personal data, with dedicated teams to support, protect, and report on this key aspect of our business.

Atlas equips our employees and affiliates with ongoing security awareness training, which includes current best practices, policy reinforcement, and specific training to reduce the risk of attacks via social engineering and phishing.

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