Environmental Sustainability

Supporting companies globally requires an expansive business footprint. At Atlas, we strive to be a strong environmental advocate for sustainable business practices. We’re committed to building sustainable operations, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste throughout our locations.

What is Atlas doing to be a steward of the environment?

Atlas continually works to address our environmental impact on society, for the planet, and for our long-term success.

  • Energy

    Atlas follows and implements best practices to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions.

  • Waste

    Atlas is dedicated to reducing our waste as we conduct business, and to recycling the waste we do produce.

  • Sustainable Offices

    Atlas aims to host our offices in sustainably certified, environmentally friendly buildings.

Energy Efficiency

From facilities planning to simple energy-saving habits that all employees can follow, we've made smart changes to reduce energy consumption in our workplaces, including:

  • Energy-efficient (LED) lighting and HVAC control systems, plus regular systems evaluations.

  • Energy-efficient appliances.

  • Working with our facilities teams to track, measure and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Conducting business remotely or locally whenever possible to help reduce emissions from car and airline travel.

Waste Prevention

We’ve committed globally to minimizing waste and reusing or recycling products in all our business operations and practices.

  • Recycling and reuse programs like clearly labeled waste and recycling bins and stocking our kitchens with reusable silverware, plates, and bowls.

  • Reducing paper waste through online e-signature tools

Sustainable Office Buildings

Atlas makes energy-efficient practices a priority. Our environmental commitment is to increase the number of sustainably certified office buildings and shared workspaces for our organization.

Where possible, we’ve partnered with certified green building spaces so that the offices we lease follow global environmental standards. This includes both our Chicago and Shanghai offices, which are LEED-certified Gold and Platinum respectively.

These buildings are efficient and cost-effective, providing healthier workspaces for our employees and the environment.

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