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Published: 01 Jun 2022

Rebrand Reflects Evolution of the Largest 100% Direct Employer of Record 

CHICAGO – June 1, 2022 – Leading Employer of Record (EOR) Elements Global Services today announced it is rebranding as Atlas. This move reflects the launch of its SaaS-based Human Experience Management (HXM) platform, which streamlines operations for workforces distributed around the world. The platform can plug into existing operating systems as an extendable enterprise software solution that delivers improved experiences for employers and their remote talent wherever they happen to be. Atlas puts organizations in control of their international people operations, empowering them to streamline the entire employee lifecycle within a single solution–from onboarding and managing compliance and benefits to paying employees accurately and on time. The Atlas platform also enables self-service capabilities that drive real-time insights and improved business outcomes.  

"Our HXM platform is much more than a system of record for employee data," said Adil Shabbir, chief technology officer at Atlas. "It enables companies to manage people and data all within one platform, which leads to smarter business decisions and better employee experiences. In addition to the core functionality that enables quick and compliant onboarding and payroll administration, our customers use the insights within Atlas to understand local market conditions, predict the impact of ever-changing regulations and laws, and assess opportunities and challenges associated with their global workforce. Those capabilities are a key differentiator for Atlas and enhance our solution as an Employer of Record." 

Flexibility to Expand and Manage Global Talent 

Additionally, Atlas HXM platform will further help companies quickly enter new markets by removing logistical challenges involved with expanding into new countries or continents. This allows organizations the flexibility to hire and manage the best talent when and where needed without the requirement of a local entity. 

With Atlas, start-ups can begin work across hemispheres within days, while mid-market and enterprise companies can rethink international strategies with access to top talent in every corner of the planet. Through a single platform, Atlas creates operational flexibility: enabling businesses to react swiftly to market conditions, exponentially growing talent pools, simplifying payments, ensuring local compliance while reducing risk and eliminating fixed costs and long-term commitments that can burden the employer.  


The Largest and Most Experienced 100% Direct EOR

Atlas continues to differentiate itself from other EOR platforms by removing third parties and solving complex operational challenges of expansion via local entities and expert-powered technology. By partnering with Atlas, thousands of customers have grown rapidly with faster speed to market and greater reliability, while saving as much as 87% in costs and lowering compliance risks. 

"My intent in starting Elements was to simplify our customers’ ability to expand globally, allowing companies to compete in the global market without brick-and-mortar investments," said Rick Hammell, founder and CEO of Atlas. "Elements was the birth of a movement. Today, we’re proud to unveil Atlas as our next evolution–a global technology solution that is supported by experts and redefining the market with a single platform built to provide the best human experience. Our fundamental mission and vision have not changed. We exist to provide opportunity across borders and cultures, and we have now just made the world a little smaller for everyone to equally compete and more easily navigate.” 


About Atlas 

Atlas enables innovative companies to compete in a world economy, believing that businesses should employ whomever they want, wherever the talent exists. As the market’s largest Direct EOR, Atlas is a technology platform supported by experts and delivers flexibility for companies to expand almost anywhere in the world, onboard talent, manage compliance, and pay their entire work force without the need for a local entity or multiple third-party providers wherever their employees may be. 

With entities in over 160 countries, Atlas brings localized experience and expertise into an enterprise-grade technology platform that supports thousands of companies and remote teams. The Atlas platform is uniquely designed to deliver end-to-end EOR solutions and empowered user experiences that provide self-service capabilities and real-time insights that lead to improved business outcomes. Learn more at