Go global.
Stay local.

Worldwide HR reach from a single platform.

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Built for borderless remote workforce management.

Atlas is a robust platform that spans every conceivable aspect of your human experience management strategy. You can fast-track global ambition. You can simplify cross-border HR set-up. You’ll be compliant with the world’s employment laws. All thanks to one, easy-to-use platform built specifically for delivering Direct EOR solutions.

Atlas Expand


Access to data from every country into which you expand in an accessible format, customized to your needs.


Set up the virtual HR space for each country into which you expand. Then plan the journey from candidate to worker for everyone you hire or contract.

Atlas Onboarding
Atlas Manage


Access and manage your global talent’s end-to-end journey from one single platform. 


Our in-platform global payroll and rewards administration function keeps you compliant, culturally aligned with localized needs, and organized to the last detail.

Atlas Pay

What does Atlas enable you to do?

Hire people across borders

Using our Employer of Record service

Contract Third-Party Workers

One global partner for expanding your workforce

Manage end-to-end onboarding

Experienced with a track record of success

Administer payroll & benefits

Regulatory expertise in more than 160 countries

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