Expand: Open up the frontiers of global enterprise.

The Atlas platform enables you to expand internationally with authority, speed, and simplicity.

Atlas Global Enterprise

Borderless talent strategy at your fingertips.

With up to the minute insights tailored to your growth goals, Atlas removes the barriers that stand in the way of crossing commercial borders.

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A unified view

With Atlas, all aspects of your international expansion strategy are seamlessly integrated into a single dashboard.

Atlas Global HR
Atlas Global HR

Tailored to you

When you log in, the platform understands what level of access you have, learns your goals, and makes recommendations through AI—customized just for you.

Continually updated

Behind Atlas are real global HR experts continually powering our compliance knowledge. We empower you to take the best course of action in a matter of clicks.

Atlas Global HR



Expanding into a new market used to take months. With Atlas, it can happen in a matter of days.

The benefits to your business


We help you to fast-track your global hiring strategy, saving you months of compliance admin. Powered by our tech, you can commence operations in a new country within as little as two weeks.


The more you use Atlas, the better it understands your growth strategy. It will even recommend countries best suited to your expansion goals.


A platform as unique as the global strategy it powers, the Atlas dashboard is completely flexible—only showing you the data you need to see. And you can build in permissions to enable multiple access levels.

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