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Atlas Employer of Record

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Even the most experienced human experience management functions need expert support sometimes. The Atlas consulting team consists of global HR specialists with comprehensive compliance knowledge that spans the entire planet. Giving you that extra layer of support you need to confidently take your business across borders.

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Atlas Employer of Record

Bolster your internal expertise

From local labor laws and payroll obligations to tax expertise, and data protection knowledge, we continually update our knowledge base, then share it with your in-house team.

Global compliance strategy

We work with you to ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest changes in local compliance in over 160 countries across the world. Then we advise you on how to weave those changes seamlessly into your employment strategy.

Atlas Employer of Record
Atlas Employer of Record

Meeting your data compliance needs

Data protection compliance is non-negotiable. So you need solutions that ensure your sensitive information is protected and compliant with government regulations worldwide. We help you find those solutions.

Essential knowledge when you need it

Local labor laws and payroll

We are on the ground in 160+ countries, so we’re right there when changes occur and can advise you on how to act.

Localized employer and employee tax obligations

Yours and your employees’ fiscal responsibilities may change from country to country. We’re able to advise you on even the most nuanced detail.

Data protection from country to country

Keeping you compliant with local legislation, wherever in the world you operate.

Retention strategies

Helping you to reduce attrition with advice on everything from remote and flexible working to job sharing.

Speeding up global onboarding

Enabling you to put your people to work faster with our Employer Of Record services.

Day-to-day human experience management

Beyond long-term strategic support, we’re also here for those more immediate needs—whether it’s a question over legislative changes or a specific employee’s visa application.

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Our team of regional experts are here to support you with your global expansion plans. If you have any questions, just get in touch and we will be delighted to help.