Helping you win and manage government contracts.

Atlas Government Services

The HR infrastructure supporting global government providers.

Being awarded a government contract means being ready to start operations as soon as you win the bid. If that contract is in a different country, this can prove problematic. Without a local entity in place, and fast, you could lose a bid you’re otherwise made for. With Atlas, you remove this problem within a few short clicks.

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Reach compliance without layers of paperwork

Maybe you’re contemplating bidding for your first overseas government contract. Or you might already have international government contracts, but only in countries where you have a legal presence. Either way—Atlas can help government providers expand into countries that have previously eluded their grasp.

We have on-the-ground presence in over 160 countries across the world. Commission us to act as your Employer of Record and you’ll be set to start hiring in any of those locales within as little as two days. The only thing then standing in your way of you and your desired government contract is the quality of your proposal.

Atlas Government Services
Atlas Government Services

Stand up quicker than your competitors

We enable you to start recruiting a foreign team within days. How? We simply hire them on your behalf, while you contract with us.

Meanwhile, your competitors without a presence in the respective countries will have to wait months to get teams in place. This gives you a serious competitive advantage in pitches to international governments.

Using our platform, you’ll choose who you hire, what they do, and how much they’ll earn. We’ll simply administer hiring them, maintaining their HR data, and making sure they’re paid and rewarded in line with local legislation. We’ll even advise you on customary benefits to offer from place to place.

How Atlas helps you win


Price-to-win solutions and global data on local compensation requirements.

Proven Performance

Experience in small- and large-scale global, regional and local programs.


One, simplified and streamlined solution for onboarding, managing, paying and offboarding employees.


Adherence and experience with federal contracting, global, regional and local regulations.

Types of programs supported

It’s vital to maintain and extend a competitive advantage in today’s contracting environment. Atlas helps its partners succeed by supporting

  • Aviation Maintenance & Modifications
  • Contract Field Teams
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cultural Training & Language Services
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Health & Safety
  • Humanitarian Aid & International
  • Development
  • Logistics
  • Security
Atlas Government Services
Atlas Government Services

Knowledge, expertise & understanding

We don’t just offer government contracting solutions, we built a team solely dedicated to the government contracting industry. All our team members have extensive government contracting experience as a prime and/or sub-contractor. They bring deep experience working on, bidding and performing on international programs through various funding sources.

Find out how we can help your business grow its relationship with the US government today.

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Credentialed and compliant

Atlas is experienced with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).

Details of the business, such as business name(s) and tax residence. Preferences for accounting and tax compliance accounting system

  • NAICS Code 511210
  • NAICS Code 561110
  • NAICS Code 541612
  • NAICS Code 541611
  • NAICS Code 541214
  • NAICS Code 518210
  • NAICS Code 561330
  • CAGE Code 838d9

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