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Non Profit Employer of Record Atlas

International growth at the pace your mission demands.

When non-profits find themselves needing to expand across borders, they often need to do so urgently. Atlas enables that—within as little as two days. You’ll be fully compliant with local hiring and taxation laws, and because we have legal entities in over 160 countries, we’re also able to advise you on how to introduce your existing people to new international locations in the safest, most secure ways possible.

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Putting your people’s safety and security first

Whether it’s getting people flown in, safely set up with the right documentation, and into secure corporate housing, or hiring local people with full compliance, our experts across the world can advise you on the safest path to international set-up.

Non Profit Employer of Record Atlas

Connecting every aspect of your expansion

Taking a non-profit into a new country is a complicated process as it is. Adding a local people strategy into the mix is something you could do without. Which is where Atlas comes in.

As your Employer Of Record, we connect all the dots of global human experience management—removing the burden of hiring, onboarding, paying, and managing your local teams in new countries.

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Non Profit Employer of Record Atlas

Compliance with local labor and tax laws

Expanding a non-profit into new countries will put you under certain legal spotlights—especially when your activities are under local government scrutiny. That’s why Atlas assures you of a watertight, up-to-the-minute approach to employment legislation and taxation.

Non Profit Employer of Record Atlas
Non Profit Employer of Record Atlas

Getting you on the ground faster

As your Employer Of Record (EOR) with legal entities all over the world, we hire local workers on your behalf. You simply pay us a fee and they work for you. It saves time when you most urgently need to establish your non-profit’s presence in a new country.

How Atlas helps non-profits

RFP support to help win global contracts

Our experts have best practice knowledge to help you win global non-profit bids.

HR, legal, payroll and benefits expertise

Making sure you’re fully compliant with local employment and taxation regulations.

Consolidating global operations and reporting

Atlas gives you a single platform from which to manage human experience worldwide.

Supporting international development opportunities

Because we’re present in 160+ countries, we’re able to advise you on how and where best to expand.

Helping you work within non-profit budgetary constraints

Our EOR service will save you up to 85% on your global people strategy.

Non Profit Employer of Record Atlas

Download our non-profit capabilities whitepaper to learn more

Partnering with Atlas allows leaders of non-profit organizations to focus on their missions and people across the world. See how we enable expansion, onboarding, workforce management and payroll when scaling to a new country.

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