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Atlas Venture Capital

Simplify cross-border investments, acquisitions and mergers.

Investing in countries within which you’re not already present can present some cross-border employment admin headaches—HR, legal, payroll and benefits, for example. With Atlas powering the people infrastructure of your global investments, those headaches go away.

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Atlas Venture Capital

Speed to market

By using Atlas as your Employer of Record, you can establish ownership of entities in new international locations quickly and without immediate need to enter into lengthy HR administration challenges.

Local Presence

Because we’re already present in 160+ countries, we simply take over all employment aspects of your new team—hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying them. Leaving you free to focus on operational and growth strategies.

Atlas Venture Capital
Atlas Venture Capital

Seamless Handoff

You can consider it a short- or long-term goal. The beauty of it is, whenever you have your entity fully established and ready to hire, we’ll start the process of transferring the team over to you. For now, rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve won the investment and your people strategy is fully taken care of, and compliant.

Atlas helps global investors with


Locally compliant HR, legal, payroll and benefits


Scaling onboarding processes and project management


Accessing a diverse global network of potential investment partners


Transfer pricing support


TUPE and other data protection compliance

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